Prayer Wall

I hope this will be a place of Grace for prayers.  
This is a Prayer Wall where I leave prayers for others to pray for me or where others leave prayers so they can be prayed for.  Either way, just know that someone is there to agree with you if you have a need. 

May 7-2013

wow, I have not linked up in a while for the Tuesday prayer link-up  but it is always awesome to know that I can jump back in at any time.  It will be much easier for me to do the monthly prayer over the weekly so this is exciting too.  As far as prayer goes, I thank everyone for stopping by and praying and feeling free to leave a prayer no matter how short or long!

I just ask that you continue to pray that we parent up to the standards that God gave us and that our family grows stronger spiritually and physically and mentally and emotionally and financially.  Essentially every area is covered by Jesus in our lives!  thank you and I will also pray the same for you guys!
Today is Wednesday 2/6/13 and I am leaving my prayer for the prayer link up:  thanks again ladies for hosting and continuing it!  i am keeping you all in my prayers as well!
  • My prayer request for today is for health and healing for my family we are getting over Mono and some other things from the past month or so- generally we are healthy but we kinda got hit with a doozie- it's made some typical things pretty tough to do.
  • also- please just join me in agreement as my husband and I pray specific prayers for our neighbors and friends with cancer, ill health and other problems!  thanks again so much!  Kelly T.
  • Hello all....I am thankful for a lot of things so I want to say thanks to all the prayers out there and also just throw my name in for prayer to have more order and consistency and stability in my life.  I feel like I am just getting back into the swing of things around the house but it takes so much energy and time to clean (need more help with that) cook and read the Bible and be a good mom oh, and have a successful blog.  So that is where I am.  I have continued to pray for all y'all too!  thanks and hope to visit your blog to say hi this week!


  1. Oh Kelly, I'm with you friend, praying for your family, as well as with you and your spouse as you pray for the needs of others. I'm so glad you linked up with Tuesday's Prayers as you are always such a blessing! You are on my heart and in my prayers and I hope you have a blessed week!

  2. It's always so nice when you link up! I'd like to ask for prayer for the families of two local teens that died unexpectedly this weekend. The boys were knee boarding up the river when one of them got caught by an undertow and pulled. The other tried to help and both were killed. Our little town is in mourning with the loss of these two very bright, very athletic, good kids. Please pray for the families especially, whose hearts are aching.

    1. I would love to pray for them and the town, oh that is so sad, I am sorry to hear that...praying for strength and healing for everyone! thank you for your prayers too!!!

  3. And of course, I'm joining you in prayer for those things you mentioned. :-)

  4. My brother is a missionary in the Philippines. He has a Bible college and an orphanage. They have a lot of spiritual battles as much of the area he works in is pagan, muslim, and other non-Christian religions. He even had the witch doctor's daughter coming to his Bible class! Pray for their finances, their safety, and that Jesus's love will shine through and people will choose to follow Him. Thanks and God Bless. PS. If you want to follow his mission, please send me a message and I'll get you the newsletter. PSS. This is a Christian mission, not with an LDS church.

    1. Hey, I sure will, I will pray Psalms 91 over him and his family/friends- That is hard but necessary work her is doing. No stranger to that! and I would also love to follow and continue to pray for him. Do you have my email address?


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