Monday, July 8, 2013

Kid's Step stool with sass

My kiddos need help washing their hands and they always love to see what I am doing in the kitchen on the counters but they obviously need a boost.  I shopped around and purchased some booster steps and I was not in love with any of them.  

They were either made out of plastic or were not slip proof.  There was one that was actually a potty that converted into a step stool when the lid was shut.  That's all I need, my kids going to the bathroom, then moving the potty to the sink (full of pee-pee) to wash their hands- a disaster waiting to happen!

So I went on a quest to find something that was sturdy and that could maybe use a little lovin' at the same time.  I found this cute little number at a local thrift store and then added my mark as usual.  It was actually pretty cute to begin with but it was dirty and needed paint not just soap.  I also knew I could put my Silhouette to good work. 

I essentially sanded it down and painted it and sanded again and then used my Silhiouette to come up with the words- Your'e a Thompson...step up!  I thought it was fitting and since my twins are a boy and a girl, I needed to offset the pink-ness with some masculine words so my son doesn't hold a grudge against me down the road since my daughter loves all things pink.

The kids really love it and it is used every day. It makes cleaning up dirty fingers and peanut- buttery-hands much easier.  It is also very sturdy and kind of heavy which I like. 

I also keep the letters that I did not use in wax paper and lay them flat so I can use them for another project.  That is one of the perks when you cut out letters or symbols.  You can use the outline as a template and paint inside and them toss it in the trash and use the actual cut out letters for something when the time arises.  Now, what can I use these letters on?

Have you finished any makeovers yet for your little ones?  What are you planning on using your Silhouette on?

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  1. That is such a cute idea! I love the "sassiness" of the stool!

  2. Oh thanks- yeah, when your rocking pink- you gotta throw in a little sass!

  3. Wow, Kelly! You came up with the perfect phrase for that stool...makes me want to be a Thompson! Ha ha. And that photo of your little man using the sassy stool in action is so precious. Your kids are so blessed to have such a thoughtful and creative Mama.

  4. Thanks Lauren, your too sweet!

    it's funny because after I posted the pic of him on it I thought- woops- are people going to think I am rhyming sass with *ss which was not my intent but i had already made the project tag for it on picmonkey! Hopefully it never crosses anyone's mind (fingers crossed)

  5. Ha ha! I did not think that AT ALL...but I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes. ;-)

  6. What an adorable & practical project. Love seeing the before and after and your saying rocks! :)

  7. Cute project and message!

  8. Thanks a bunch! I love before and afters even if simple like mine

  9. Thanks- yep, I want them to know they are special and that they are thompsons

  10. Jeanie Kuklish HevenerJuly 8, 2013 at 3:23 PM

    What a sweet project...I love it!

  11. That is the cutest little stool Kelly! I love it! Wish I had thought of that when mine were little...and we have the same last name! What a great tip to save the letters on wax paper. I've never done that, but I will now! Thanks for sharing!


  12. thanks so much. yes, I like that I can have the letters and the outline of the letters (positive and negative ) from these little projects! thanks again

  13. I love your upcycle! Very sassy!

  14. You are so good Kelly. Amazing, really. I am still in awe over the bed railings. I wish I was so creative. Nice job!

  15. Oh you are too sweet and being kind! I have seen your work too and those pants are too sweet! thanks a bunch Lisa!

  16. Lovely 're-do' of the step-stool! I like doing that type of thing, also - ;-} Nice to 'meet' you here in the Group! Just getting to all the Hop posts tonight - finally - ;-}


  17. Thanks Lynden, I enjoy your great cards and creations too! thanks for stopping by!

  18. This looks awesome! Pinned!

  19. Oh thanks a bunch! I am glad you liked it!


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