Friday, December 28, 2012

Thankful for Thursdays BUT glad it's FRIDAY!

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So glad to be able to breathe...Ahhhh!

I do mean that literally and not just in relation to Christmas being over.  Here is why.  My husband has just gotten over bronchitis, thankfully the twins and I did not catch it but unfortunately we caught just about everything else.  

He got sick initially from eating 2 stupid donuts from a food chain that shall remain nameless because I still shop there but for obvious reasons will never buy their pastries again!  So needless to say we stayed at home for Christmas and started a new tradition of eating frozen pizza and watching Netflix...It was quite fun.  Next time I will try to load up on POPDUDS, (milk duds+popcorn= LOVE), so good.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Psalms favorite

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Protection, Peace, Safety, Provision, Angelic Guidance...You Name It!

I love reading and listening to the Psalms and often I get stuck there for months at a time.  I am not sure why or how, there is just something I really love about them.  There are times when I feel exactly like David did as he poured his heart out to God and times when I feel glad not to be in the same position or remotely close to the agony he felt.  

I along with my older sister and brother were made to repeat the whole chapter every morning on the way to school.  We started with one verse and worked our way up.  I don't know how long it took for us to get all of Psalms 91 memorized but eventually it happened.  

For some reason my mother thought this Psalm was necessary for us all to know.  20 years later I still love this Psalm so much.  It holds promises in every area of life.  God is promising to keep us safe when everything around us looks shaky.  He is promising to send his Angels out on our behalf to keep us safe.  He is telling us we have eternal life and salvation and he will prove it to us.  

I still run this scripture over in my mind almost everyday and I really wish I still had the entire thing memorized but I always get thrown off around the 10th verse or so.  I really should take the time to re-memorize it just to get in the habit of saying it to myself every day again especially with everything that is going on around us.  

For me, it is too stressful and draining to watch the local news and  keep track of all the murders, robberies and wrong-doings on a daily basis.  I try to limit myself to watching the national news as they focus more on things everyone needs to know and less on bad and fearful news to keep people hooked while their ratings go up.  

Me not watching the news is not going to keep bad things from happening but it will keep me from ruminating about those things in my mind. 

I would rather ruminate over the promises of God's good health for me and peace as I sleep and have faith that he will keep his word concerning me and my family and all others that put their trust in him.

What scriptures give you the most comfort and guidance and peace in the midst of storms?                                                                                                                                 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas from the Heart...not the wallet!

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     While growing up, I remember Christmas time was more of a stress and struggle than a fun, relaxing time of the year.  I wish this were not the case but it was. Now that I am older and have kiddos, I decided to make this time of the year happy, stress-free and a really fun and happy time to just be, and to also instill in my kids, great memories and traditions they can carry on for generations.  
     Part of the fun is not getting too serious about everything.  Until this year, we never put up decorations and we have lived in our great neighborhood for like 8 years.  Part of it was the cost, time, thought of injury from falling off of a roof and maybe just laziness!  Now with little ones, everything seems to have a new meaning to it.  We have shopped for presents and keep telling the kids that they can open what is under the tree when Christmas comes in a week etc. We try to get them excited over the presents that mommy, daddy and Jesus bought them!  
     It seems to be working so far.  I hate to think that down the line our excitement to give them gifts may turn into a demand letter from Santa when they are 10.  Either way I know a few skills and hope to teach them to the kiddos as they grow older, to make the Christmas season fun and happy and about gifts from the heart and not the wallet! That is why I am so excited to teach them some of the crafts I enjoy as they get a little bigger!

me and the kid!
In Edmond at the MAC or multi- activity center, teaching  soap  making to little ones!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

All set? Here we go!

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OK, let's start by saying I never quite understood blogging and  what it was about, for the most part.  Was it for people who had a bad experience and wanted to bash someones customer service?  Was it for people who wanted to tell you all about their life with no interest in yours.  Was it for people who wanted to sell you something?  I am unsure, but nevertheless I am now officially writing one.  Recently, I have become a stay at home mom of twins(boy and girl-whoo-hoo) and I have some spare time on my hands in between all of the chores, diapers (theirs, not mine) and many other things involved in being in the home 24/7.  Even though there is a lot to do, there is also time to sit and read (finally...thank you Jesus!) write, surf the net etc.