Friday, December 28, 2012

Thankful for Thursdays BUT glad it's FRIDAY!

So glad to be able to breathe...Ahhhh!

I do mean that literally and not just in relation to Christmas being over.  Here is why.  My husband has just gotten over bronchitis, thankfully the twins and I did not catch it but unfortunately we caught just about everything else.  

He got sick initially from eating 2 stupid donuts from a food chain that shall remain nameless because I still shop there but for obvious reasons will never buy their pastries again!  So needless to say we stayed at home for Christmas and started a new tradition of eating frozen pizza and watching Netflix...It was quite fun.  Next time I will try to load up on POPDUDS, (milk duds+popcorn= LOVE), so good.

Well, that's why I am glad that today is Friday.  The week is over and now my husband will be here around the house and available to help me change some of the diapers, etc.  I have to admit, when it comes to days of the week I am biased and have always been (sorry days of the week).  When I worked I hated Monday and loved Friday and now not much has changed but I can say I don't get the Sunday blues as much and I don't have the energy to hate anything.

So today since I know I will get to stay up and party, i.e. watch Frasier, both episodes before taking 2 melatonin and going to bed, I am feeling more at ease.  I have already started organizing for the year 2013 in a small but very useful and overdue way.  I have tried to write down all of my passwords to my accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Smoogle, Doogle,  and what ever else I have, and put it right on my computer with a little tape and a flashcard.  Big time right?  Well with Apple TV and Hulu and Vimeo et al., there are so many stinkin' passwords and it's almost insanity to try to remember them all.  I kinda wish things were more simple but without all those distractions, I am not quite sure what I would do when the kids are sleeping!

So, I leave you with this picture of organization at its finest.  Hopefully now I won't have to open a new browser and go to the social media website every time I am trying to remember a password or username.  I hope this inspires you to do something that may be tedious or that you have been putting off even though it needs to be done.  Come on, you know this will add like 4 years onto your life so WHAT ARE YOU WAITING 4?  Get to gettin'!

BTW- I also added  pictures I took today of an owl my son spotted behind our fence- Hey, It's Friday!


  1. I think this is a nifty idea! I have so many passwords, they wouldn't fit on an index I have them saved to a Word doc. on my computer. My husband keeps telling me to put a "password" on the document in case my computer gets stolen - - but I haven't yet! ;-)

    And I love the owl. We have a tree on our lake that is almost always housing an owl when we boat by. Owls are such regal creatures, aren't they?


    1. thanks so much for your comments- BTW my husbands brother in law uses your method and almost forgot the password to the master password excel spreadsheet- that would be a bummer- Knowing me lately, I gotta go with the index card! ha


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