Wednesday, December 5, 2012

All set? Here we go!

OK, let's start by saying I never quite understood blogging and  what it was about, for the most part.  Was it for people who had a bad experience and wanted to bash someones customer service?  Was it for people who wanted to tell you all about their life with no interest in yours.  Was it for people who wanted to sell you something?  I am unsure, but nevertheless I am now officially writing one.  Recently, I have become a stay at home mom of twins(boy and girl-whoo-hoo) and I have some spare time on my hands in between all of the chores, diapers (theirs, not mine) and many other things involved in being in the home 24/7.  Even though there is a lot to do, there is also time to sit and read (finally...thank you Jesus!) write, surf the net etc.

I have come across some really great blogs during my down time and really enjoy gathering more knowledge and skills right from my living room.  I have to say that Nate Berkus showing those blogger's home and craft tips on the show really sucked me in and now he's not on TV anymore!  (not fair)  So I thought to myself, "Myself, it would be a good time to start blogging, with the new year coming and the season changing etc." I could sit and watch the snow falling and drink hot choc with marshmallows etc and blog while being at home with the kiddos.  However,  in Oklahoma, that state near Arkansas and Texas and Missouri, it is a steady 75 degrees and sunny when there is usually snow or bitter cold air by now.  So, I am not sipping hot chocolate yet, more like drinking  chocolate milk still waiting for the snow!

I know it will come soon, but until then I am just waiting!  I imagine with  this blog will do a couple of things.  Have  an outlet to connect with other bloggers, homeschoolers, mothers of multiples, mothers with bi-racial kiddos, mothers who throw in the towel every week or so until they realize with God's Grace and Favor, they can do anything and all things.  I also want to continue to gain DIY experience and share ideas of things that I think are too cool to keep to myself!

Also, there may not be anything too crazy going on here, THIS TIME...  But wait, there's more...
Cue maniacal laughing (muah ah ah)!

OK, well anyway, please join me in laughing, crying, crafts, and craziness.  
Glad you came by!


  1. WHOO! You go girl, now go submit your pretty little blog to the Blogger Directory @ Fancy Little Things :)
    xxoo Tiffany

    See I was checking up on you to see if you were going to start.

    1. Tiffany, thank you so much for the encouragement and invite...I will add today. Also, I replied to you yesterday by pressing reply to you in the email post awaiting moderation that came to me but I think it was a no-reply and you may have not received it so I published this comment so I could actually reply....hope that's ok- if not I will fix it- thanks so much and can't wait...been reading up on all the girls and the site and it looks AMAZING!!!!!

  2. What a great opening post! I love your very conversational writing style (the "muah ah ah" was my favorite), and I can picture you now, cozying up on the couch, snow falling, hot cocoa nearby, tip-tap-typing away at your blog. It's a beautiful image...even if that snow never falls (trust me, I understand as a Floridian).

    Thanks for sharing your blog with me, Kelly!



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