Monday, September 9, 2013

Toddler Growth Chart

The other day my husband and I were needing to measure our son to decide what size bed to get for him so we stood him against a slender wall in our kitchen.  After we measured him, it dawned on me that the wall was the perfect size for a ruler or growth chart.
growth chart on wall

So since I have an obsession intense love for chalkboard paint, I decided to use some for my project.

I downloaded a ruler from Silhouette studio but in the end I just cut some numbers using the font Hoedown instead.  The other way was becoming too difficult since I needed to stretch it to 5 or 6 feet for my preference.  In the end, I did use the dash marks when I wanted to make sure the lines looked clean.    

I have been using the Bistro markers and they work fine on the wall and they don't leave the dust like chalk does so I may just keep with that system.  Therefore, I did not prime the wall with chalk.

 growth chart wall

I also intend to use permanent paint to track growth curves or milestones; that way they can't be erased accidentally.

I also used some of the metallic paint and the arrow stencil that I hope to soon use in my hallway project.

I love the way it turned out and I may continue it around the frame of the door.  I kinda goofed and meant to end the paint in a straight line where the door frame ends above the pantry door but I looked up and realized I had passed that mark.  I then made a set of stairs in paint to add to the theme of growth, and added Thompson growth keeper.  It can be changed later if it doesn't sit well with me after a few days.
growth chart wall
I love it and am on my way to trackin' some inches!

What kind of growth charts have you made or have you seen that you drooled over?

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  1. I LOVE THIS. Such great take on the whole measuring stick thing. So original and so awesome!

  2. Oh thanks Stephanie- yeah it's time to make permanent marks on the wall- they are growing like weeds- almost as tall as grandma! thanks so much!

  3. Cool project and super well done! I could make a cute girly one for my little one!! Hope you have a great day

    Cami @
    Sunday Bewitch Me & Titi {Link Party}
    Thursday Titi's Spot for the Silly HOP

  4. Hey thanks a bunch! after I posted it, today I realized I could have done it as 1 long piece and not used a mat but at the time I was not wanting to run into any more difficulty so I am glad I did it the way I did! thanks!

  5. Pam - GetsilveredCraftSeptember 10, 2013 at 3:34 AM

    This is a lovely idea and beautifully done. It brings back memories - we still have old chalk marks on our brick wall on the porch from years ago - my kids are well into their 20's now!

  6. Thanks Pam- I too want to look back and see how they have grown and just marvel at how quickly it happens! thanks again!

  7. I love the measuring stick idea for this great growth chart! Well done!

  8. Thank you Marilyn, I am so glad you like it!!!

  9. this is so cool :) how fun for your little one to track his growth :)

  10. Brilliant! This looks so cute, Kelly! Can I put one in my house even though I've stopped growing and have probably started shrinking?!

    Thanks for participating in this month's Silhouette Challenge Group Post! Whoo hoo!


  11. Lauren, you sure can, just scale it down to measure that little kitty of yours! he he

  12. i think so too- they love the idea and it just seems sweet! thanks a bunch!

  13. What a great use of space where otherwise there would be nothing! I really adore this idea and may even steal it for when my little one can finally stand on her own!

  14. steal away- you are right- that wall was unused space and it was begging for a growth chart and its really sentimental now! sniff sniff!


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