Friday, September 27, 2013

Shadow Box to Ottoman Tray

We purchased a sectional and it came with an ottoman and we love it.  It is very brown so I will be doing some upcoming posts on how to tone that color down, but in the meanwhile, I knew I needed an ottoman tray to hold books and our beverages etc.

 I was at Hobby Lobby of course and was searching for paper but decided to shop my home instead before buying anything since I love paper and knew I had some already. 

So at home, I found this paper and was instantly excited.  It is from Paper Source when I lived in Boston and it is therefore over 10 years old but I had it still in the wrapper and ready to go.  Originally, I made journals for me and my fiance (husband).  The print looked regal and manly so I chose it for him for that reason.  I think it is a Japanese rice paper of sorts. 

Well, as you can see, I had an oblong shape but it was not the shape I needed so I hoped that it would work.  After a bit of thinking and some cutting, I realized I would have enough but I had to use the gray canvas material for the border. I originally used the canvas for the spine of the journals I made.

I stuck it to poster board with the Elmer's adhesive spray glue.  I also made it into the shape I needed- a rectangle.  The current border is like a burlap cushion-y material that you would use a push pin to stick items into.  It was a shadow box that was missing the glass so I got it for like 15 bucks!  Score- it is sturdy and I knew it would serve my purpose- get it? 

I also added drawer handles to the sides and added some of my books that I read while having my morning Joe. 

Oh yeah, the plastic insert is from another picture frame that I had around the house.  OK, so I collect paper goods, picture frames and fabric but we knew that already :)  The plastic insert or glass if you have the right size, is just sitting over the top of the fabric to protect against a spill etc.

I'm loving it!

Ottoman tray

Have you made anything using things you had around your house lately?  If so, what is it?  How did it turn out?   I would love to know.

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