Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pleygo in action

Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was/will be gifted from America's Family Network on behalf of  Pleygo a Netflix-like rental service for LEGO sets to facilitate the post and follow up review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

So you may remember me speaking about Pleygo recently.  The company is a LEGO, mail subscription service for kiddos.  Think of getting a DVD in the mail and having a pre-paid envelope to return it when you are done but substitute the DVD for a set of LEGOS of your choice, and you get the idea!

Well so far we have had 2 sets come and go in the mail and we are expecting our 3rd very soon.  They send an email to let you know when your package will arrive and what you can expect and also to let you know to keep your "rental cue" full.

There are different sets available for your youngster(s) and they are based off of your subscription preferences.  So when you cruise the website, you can add sets to your "cue" that you think you would want to receive.  When  you return the last set, a new set from your "cue" comes in the mail.  No shopping or hassle.  Just pop the envelope in your mailbox and get a new one lickety-split.  Actually, the turn-around time has been very quick in my case.

So here are the kiddos in action. I am quite surprised and pleased that even at their age and with their small fingers, they still enjoyed themselves and had a great time playing with the toys.  Also when the package comes they get excited when I tell them that they have a new toy to play with. I guess they have seen me get really excited over packages myself!

We have the basic plan but there are 3 to choose from and each plan is slightly different in cost and style of toys. So just make sure to get the plan which best suits the needs of your children.  For instance, is your kiddo more interested in playing with a set that has a few pieces or a set that has many pieces? 

Each envelope comes with a welcome letter and expectations for the return of the pieces and lets you know the toys have been sanitized prior to use.  The set also comes with extra pieces for the set in case some went missing and booklets on how to set up the toys.

So far it is a hit at my house!  Have you had any experiences with a mail program for toys?

Also, remember you can  receive your First Month FREE at®ionid=75 or directly at to register!

Have fun!

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  1. Yes, I agree! Once they see the post man with their package they get really excited! Thanks Tom.


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