Saturday, February 9, 2013

Follow the Liebster

Liebster Blog Award- Booya!

This is me in a bed of roses - due to receiving this awesome blog award!

How exciting! I was nominated for a Liebster Award!  Someone out there in blogland {Eloquent Obi of } decided that me and 10 other bloggers who had under 200 followers should get recognized and respond to our readers with some interesting facts and fun things about ourselves so we can get to know each other a little better.  I think this is a fabulous idea so here we go headfirst!  And don't forget to visit Eloquent Obi- you will find out a little more about her also.

 Ok, so these are the rules given to me-
1. Share 11 facts about myself  
2. Answer 11 questions from the nominator  
3. Nominate 11 bloggers (with less than 200 followers) for the award  
4. Create 11 questions for the nominee's to answer 
It is not easy to think of 11 FACTS about myself but here we go: 
Fact #1- I am a new mommy of twins -1 boy and 1 girl.  Not bad for the first time huh?
Fact #2- I grew up following my dad around so I am pretty strong and handy/resourceful around the house
Fact #3- I know just how many hours of sleep you need in a day/year in order to keep your sanity-see #1
Fact # 4- I have an older sister and brother by like 7 and 8 years (can you say surprise)
Fact #5- I have lived in many cities and visited many parts of the U.S. and been to Ireland- I love travel
Fact #6- My dream is to go to Italy with my family and eat cheese and baguettes on the street while sipping red wine and using my best Italian accent!
Fact #7- Man- how many more to go?  OK, I played the flute in band in the 5th grade and loved it but switched schools after that and was never able to get back the ease of it.  I do still play twinkle, twinkle for my kids though!
Fact #8- I took Latin for 5 years- Agricola est in villa.  (the farmer is in the farmhouse)  Don't ask why that is all I can remember after all these years.
Fact #9- I have never gone to public school.
Fact #10- I can and do drive with my knees-often.
Fact #11- Here comes the boom-I had my thyroid ablated  when I was in high school and had to drink radioactive iodine and could not hug or kiss or touch anyone for 2 weeks- I also had to flush the toilet 2 times after I used it so no one around me would have their thyroid compromised....lot's of dish washing going on in that house.

Now, these are the questions asked of me:
1.what is your middle name?  you got it, answer- Denise
2. how did we meet?  answer- I think we met in the Tuesday prayer linky (Satisfaction Through Christ and the Ramsay Grace Blog)- I prayed you would meet a new blogger who rocks the world, and then there I was- haha
3.what is your favorite snack food? answer- I could eat pizza and salad every day for ever and I would still want more- oh and vanilla blue bell ice cream-can you say dairy?
4. what is your job title and/or what is your dream job? answer- I am a domestic professional a.k.a. mommy extraordinaire and my dream job is staying at home and homeschooling and having a blog that will generate "cold hard cash" in the future via ministry or selling handmade things or product reviews etc
5.what is you favorite/dream vacation spot?  answer- Italy and Paris and Hawaii and Alaska- (maybe
6. what is your favorite sports team? I like The Heat- go Lebron and D-Wade!
7.what is your favorite song?  answer- The girl from Ipanema by Astrud and Joao Gilberto and anything by Israel Houghton and the New Breed.
8. what do you cook really well? answer- I cook meatloaf and make smoothies really well- hello summer! (for the smoothies-not the meatloaf...)
9. what is your favorite smell? answer- love the scents from Le Labo- they are in some higher end stores and based out of France I think...
10. if you could study/learn about anything, what would it be? answer: probably finance or design or blogging - these things are the cat's meow nowadays.
11. what is your pet peeve? answer: rude customer service people. (hello, I am a new mom, get less sleep and am trying to keep my kids quiet while you try to "up-sell" me something I don't need- please be nice to me)
And here are my 11 questions for the nominees:
#1- favorite actor of the opposite gender- and does your spouse know this?
#2- why did you start blogging?
#3- Bachelor or Bachelorette- be honest?
#4- favorite ice cream
#5- if nothing were stopping you - what would you be doing right now?
#6- best project ever created
#7-ever done any mission work?
#8-favorite elementary school teacher and why?
#9-fave candy?
#10-favorite musician
#11- fave book or movie
I  also nominate these 11 9 bloggers (sorry- I  broke the rules)  - check them out!

Determining if a blog has less than 200 followers can be a little tricky but to my knowledge I think these great blogs are waiting to be discovered and have under 200 followers to date.  My apologies if I misjudged!  
OK,  that's a wrap!  Hope you learned something about me that you did not know!  I sure learned a lot about myself.  Congrats to the new nominees - Live long and prosper!


  1. Thank you so much :)I look forward to having a better read when sunshine goes to bed tonight. Have a blessed day. Tara.

  2. OMG, this was SO good. wow! twins and boy and girl at that. lucky!!! are you planning to have more? i am getting used to meatloaf. something about meat looking like bread, was not appealing to me. i have to break it apart for the look of ground beef to eat it. congrats on your award and thanks for giving me a "shout out"!

    1. thanks a bunch- sorry it took so long- getting over mono and other winter sicknesses! Blah! yep still wanting to build on family- after having twins I know having 1 will literally be a breeze! thanks again!

  3. Congrats on your award! And go you for rocking it out with those twins, Momma! Impressive Latin too ;)

  4. So many fun facts about you, Kelly! Loved reading this.... I love "The Girl from Ipanema," as well, and having been to Italy twice, I can tell you that you're going to LOVE it. It's actually my favorite place in the whole wide world. (Sicily to be exact.) And by the by, your Latin skills impress me.

    Congrats on the Liebster!

    1. thank Lauren, one day I will have to hear some of your highlights from Sicily, I bet you have a ton and some great pictures....I have loved seeing/reading about so many different places in Italy , I would go to any of them but Sicily has always been a fave too! Maybe you could do a post about travels or something! Thanks a bunch!!!

  5. Thank you so much for picking me!

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