Monday, February 18, 2013

Operation Kiddy Tent {Uber Easy}

News flash--Kiddy Tent exceeds expectations of mom!

  • I have been intending to make a tent for my kiddos for quite a while.  It is a fact that for some reason, kids like to be under things and have things to hide under.  I wanted them to leave my curtains alone so I figured the next possible solution would be "Operation Kiddy Tent."

  • For OKT (operation kiddy tent) I had some inspiration.  I was recently scouring the internet and pinterest to come up with something durable and effective.  My kiddos are kind of hard on toys as most toddlers are so I wanted something that would stand the test of time.  I saw these tents a long time ago and thought they were cute.  I also saw this style of tent also by Lindsay and Drew, but they seemed a little too time consuming.  By time consuming, I mean there was more than one step involved and required more focus than I intended to give.  They really are quite lovely but I needed something Uber Easy!

  •  Well,  just the other day I received a sweet post from The Handmade Home with a wonderful, no sew Teepee.  I was so excited to see this because I also did not want to sew mine.  I actually thought hot glue would do the trick.  I actually ended up just using a staple gun and no hot glue at all- just my hubby's help and  a little inspiration.  It went well and I think I was more excited than anyone in the house at the final result.  So here is my interpretation/ version of the no sew teepee from The Handmade Home. I ad-libbed some parts but the same form was used and I considered putting the ends of the planks in bricks to keep them stabilized but for now the carpet does the trick.  All I used was 6 --1 x 2 x 8's and fabric that I already horded had in the house.  Also the staple gun and lots of cookies to keep the kids at bay!  It was a fun and productive Saturday and we all had a ball!

    Here is what I did

Drilled with something  underneath to protect floor

drilled 1 foot down on  all 6 pieces  of 1x2x8

all 6 pieces done

roped the bungee rope through each piece

all 6 put in a row together

teepee forming...pulling the rope through pretty tightly

inside of the teepee- we started to go over and under each board with the rope

Inside of the teepee before the beams were wrapped with fabric to keep from splinters and to look cuter

with the fabric wrapped on the beams

different fabric to decorate the top of teepee

This is a piece of fabric that rotates around the entire teepee and it is the front flap of the teepee to keep them hidden inside-its tied together with a bow in back
 and this is the end!

I think there are a lot of different ways to make tents and came across another post with 15 styles of tents right after we put this together!  Different kids require more or less sturdiness and function but this one is universal I think.  

Have you made a cool tent and the big question...Do your kids actually use it?


  1. Hey! Saw your comment over on Dani's blog and had to come visit! Super cute blog!! LOVE this diy kids tent! I have to bookmark this for when my sone is old enough for one of his own. :)Awesome job!

    1. oh, cool, thanks a bunch! I appreciate it- your baby is adorable! and this is a super easy project! hope it works when you try it! thanks so much!

  2. Your tent came out fabulously! And I love that it's big enough for adults, too...cause that's where I'd want to hang out. ;-)

    Job well done, Kelly!

  3. thanks, and I have been hanging out there quite a bit- I think there is something to be said for adult tents- wide open market there!
    thanks Lauren! loved your chair story!

  4. Yay yay yay I love that you made one!! I saw it on The Handmade Home and I just about died. I want to make one for my nieces and nephews asap - they would absolutely adore it.

    1. Wow, thanks a bunch!I appreciate that! I think you can embellish it however you want but it is super easy..the hardest part is keeping it from moving! I hope you make it- you will enjoy it!

  5. I love it. We have a tent that I bought at Ikea, but it is a pain in the butt to put up and take down so I pretend like it doesn't exist. I love your wall with the pictures and decorations.

    I misread the title of your post and thought you were making a kidney tent, which just makes no sense at all. Silly me.

    1. Awesome, That made me laugh, I think I almost just wet my plants!
      well, I hope the tent tutorial will suffice since there was no real kidney operation taking place!!! thank you again!


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