Monday, February 25, 2013

Command from your kitchen- Do It!

I am Commanding in a new way
There was not a lot of commanding going on with my previous kitchen command center.  In fact, there was a lot of disorganization and sheer messiness going on!
I should have put another blogger's name on this pic 'cause it ain't nice!

I had things all randomly spread out so I could see them but that did not help me to keep track of things- instead it caused me to feel overwhelmed every time I looked at at.  I would shuffle things around thinking I was organizing but I was just moving things from one area to another!  
"I ain't got nobody....I'm so sad and body cares for me" a little throw back from Van Halen

So I decided to do some furniture rearranging.  It was time.  I took the armoire from the bedroom that was begging to go into the kitchen where the real action was taking place.  I'm still finding a closet  organized place for all of the stuff that came out of those drawers!

Moving Day!

 I then moved the armoire into the kitchen and placed it on a couple of walls until I found the perfect fit.  The armoire is fire engine red and stenciled.  I made that decision along time ago and the colors have worked in different rooms in my house as long as I throw in another red accent color to go along with it.  
not the right
I thought I had it where I wanted it but I needed the cable plug that was in the living room so around 3 am I moved the piece closer to the outlet in the living room.  I  think it works there.  I then took all of the stuff that had been occupying my counter top and laughed maniacally while I hid it in the armoire.  Ha ha you bills and other such things!  Who is laughing now?  
Found it!
 OK. So inside I have my pens and pencils and home schooling stuff and printer etc.  You know, things that are really the brains of my home.  I have clip boards on the doors and paper  inside the drawers, where it belongs- who knew drawers actually had a purpose?

Inside right

Inside Left
So my counter top is now much cleaner and I am not rearranging papers etc., when company is about to come over.  I think I am pleased with it since all of my time is spent in this part of the home anyway.  It just made  sense and functions better!  
I am much happier now
Where do you keep all of your junk  important paperwork?  Is it in a hidden place or out in the open?
Have you considered an armoire to be your kitchen command center?  It may be worth the effort.  It also opened up so much space in the bedroom and I swear I heard my armoire weeping and thanking me- "thank you, he said.  You have given me new life!"  Well, OK, I am making this up but you catch my drift!  

 Happy Commanding! 

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  1. Very smart solution, Kelly! I love the bright red color of that armoire, too. Super fun.

    We need a solution for our printer paper and office supplies. Right now, they're strewn all over the place...and tucked away in closets that are FAR from the room where we tend to use them most. I think we need to buy an armoire...or better yet, find one on the side of the road to upcycle.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Kelly! Great work!

    1. thanks, I love armoires and have another one in the living room- the great thing about them is when you are done, close it and all is gone! especially if you have lots of odds and ends! also this was a super good price from Boston at a consignment place and it has been with me for years and years!!! thanks Lauren!


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