Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1 +4 = 5 {Grace}

~Grace and love on the 14th~
An open letter of Love 

This is kind of a strange title, for a post about Valentines Day but stay with me and I will explain.  I am a lover of numbers.  Not all numbers, just certain patterns of numbers.  It's not a superstition, just a thing. For instance, I love the number 5.  I will tell you why in a second.  I love 747 and 808 or the number of an address that I once lived at, that type of thing.  Well, if you follow numbers, 5 means God's Grace, or Jesus or Favor.  Now, you may begin to look closer and see some other bloggers with the number 5 on their wall or with baskets in their home with the number 5.  It's there.  Sometimes covertly.  Sometimes not. 

Why do I love the #5?
Well I love the number 5 for a number of reasons {muah ah ah}.  Firstly, as discussed above.  Secondly, because my husband and I met in Texas at a conference in 2005.   Also,  my husband and I got married in September, and just over 5 months later, we celebrated Valentines Day as a couple.  We did initially celebrate it that first February after meeting in January 2005, but we were in 2 different states and knew each other for 1 month and it was awkward.  He sent me roses but told me that he told the florist to put in yellow roses (friendship) not red, since red = "love".  They ended up placing red roses in the arrangement.  My husband, across phone lines, was worried that I may think he was moving to fast. Whoa, slow down Nelly, that's how babies are made!  Just poking fun at his conservativeness!  

Years later
Eight Valentines Days later, and a couple of kids to prove it, we are still aware of our love for each other and the love that God has for us.  My husband puts up with me and I owe him so much.  I move the furniture around almost weekly and he just goes with the flow.  He has never been upset about it.  Partly because he does not remember where things go anyway, so it's an even split.  Also, he is just a great dad and husband! He is so much fun to be around and we make each other laugh all the time. Once, he took a shower, got all spiffed up then started spraying his hair with what he thought was a light hair spray or mouse to keep the front part looking kind of messy, yet coiffed at the same time.  He realized 10 seconds into it that he felt oily and dirty at the same time.  He mistakenly took my hair condition/moisturizer (think olive oil or a really good oil like that) and had sprayed his hair until it was sopping wet and stringy and had to jump back in the shower and was late for work.  Oh, that makes me laugh just writing about it.  

Thankful for Grace
It brings me to my close and another point about Grace recently.  I told my kiddos it was clean up time or no pizza.  Well they flat out said, "no mama, no clean up."  I am not going to withhold dinner from them so I ignored it and started feeding them pizza when dad brought it home.  After a few bites, my daughter left and I was feeding her brother when I realized, she was picking up her toys after she already received the pizza.  My son went to go help her.  The cool thing is that Grace makes you want to do good things even when you are doing things really badly.  My kids did not clean up and they still were rewarded.  Then they wanted to do good after they already received the reward, the pizza. So I gave more pizza plus cookies!  Wouldn't you?

So there is my 1+4 = 5. 

Let the 14th of February be a time of love for yourself even if you have really sucked in some areas lately.  Let the 14th be a day of love for your family and friends and especially God.
Happy Valentines Day everybody! 
{In his Grace}

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