Saturday, May 11, 2013

DIY Pretty Boxes -cheap

 This was a super easy and super fun post and I will tell you why.  

I have lots of boxes around the house.   Lots of boxes- mostly diaper boxes.  I used to have a huge collection because I used the boxes  as covers for photo albums that I made but I threw them away to clear up space and soon regretted it.  But since I buy diapers and wipes etc for the kids, I decided to start saving a few boxes here and there.  Good idea because I am one of those people that believes that everything has its place.  

So if I have more than 1 cord or more than 1 of anything, I consider it lonely and think it is best to group it with another buddy and put it in a box or bag or something.   That way when you are looking for it, it is easier to find... 
In come my boxes! 

 I started off making like 2 or three then became addicted like a crack feign and had to make like 100 of them.  All I did was measure the circumference and then cut with scissors and wet it under the faucet and rubbed the material together to get it nice and sticky.  I let it sit for about 5 minutes.  It was rainy here and humid and I feel like it took away some of the stickiness so after a while, I let it sit for only 30 seconds or so then applied it.

I used wallpaper that I purchased really cheaply at the thrift store.  It is a really heavy weight wallpaper and the fun thing is that I can paint on it.  I used it for my cabinet doors in the laundry room earlier in the year.   I looked the company up to buy more and I don't think they are still around.  Bummer.  Sometimes I think the quality of products are not as good as they used to be and wish it was easier to find a good replica at a decent price but oh well.  I am glad to have the roll that I have, so moving on. 

 I have never wallpapered a room but saw my dad do it years ago and all I did was follow directions and added some pretty tape on the outside along with some fabric embellishments for curtains/lamps etc. 

 If I make more, I think I will add wallpaper to the inside to make it a little prettier but I have already put them to use in the armoire in the kitchen and it does not bother me that they are not dressed up on the inside.  I can always add material later as well. 

 I mitered the edges and then used hot glue to add fabric on the inside to cover the rough edges.  I initially folded the fabric down with out cutting it but soon decided that I would cut the material that folds over each flap on the top so I would not have bubbles appear.

I am pleased with the outcome and I like the colors too, kinda like 4th of July colors with the red, white and blue!  Do you think you will recycle some boxes soon and re-use them in a pretty way?


  1. You know I love this idea Kelly! I became a box hoarder when I was planning to do my craft drawer organization project...and this is reminiscent of that in how you covered them...but I love that you used wallpaper! I can tell its high quality from the photos alone. The embellishments you added are so festive...perfect for celebrating fourth of July. LOVE IT!

  2. very nice boxes. wish I was crafty or that I even liked doing crafts. these would be fairly easy.
    good post!

  3. oh thank you so much! yeah, it helps time go faster if you like crafting, that's for sure! have a good one!

  4. you know, I think it's OK to hoard boxes, as long as they are decorated! haha! the more the merrier! thanks a bunch!

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  8. Wow! I have LOTS of diaper and baby wipe boxes myself. I like what you did with yours. I really love the embellishments on there too. I would have never known it was a diaper box. Thanks so much for sharing with us @ My Favorite Posts SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party!

    TheWondering Brain

  9. oh very good, thanks a bunch. looks like you have your work cut out for you with all those empty boxes around the house! Better get to wrapping! thanks again Jessica

  10. This is such a great idea! I love what you've done with your boxes.

    Thanks so much for linking to Saturday Night Stars!


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