Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Blog Graveyard- where blogs go when they die

OK, so I try to keep things upbeat most of the time.  

This is not the beginning of a series of depressing posts by any means.  I am just curious about some of the blogs I follow and I wonder about their longevity.  I don't want them to go away 'cause I enjoy reading them but I have come across many that have folded up and closed shop recently.  Also, I have come across many that croaked months before but their pins or posts or presence is still online with good content, making me wonder- "Where are they now?"

Did they just decide one day to stop posting really awesome stuff or did something happen in their life that caused them to pick something else over blogging?  I know at the beginning of the year, I saw my fair share of moms deciding that their kids were more important than posting on time or going live with a giveaway.  I agree.  There for sure has to be balance.  I learned this right away! 

I wonder though if they realize that having a blog is like owning real estate?  Your blog is your online piece of land and no one can buy it out from under you or sell it with out your consent.  Last time I checked, imminent domain only pertained to real property not people's websites.

I am glad to live in America and have the right to blog and the right to post what I want to post when I feel like doing it.  Also, there is hope for those dead blogs too.  They can be resurrected and bloggers can get back to blogging when they are able to or choose to.  In the words of Martha Stewart- "that is a good thing."

So happy blogging- stay alive, stay upbeat, stay safe and keep crankin ' out the bomb posts! Because I am still reading.


  1. I love the way your mind works, Kelly, and that you managed to turn a post about blog death into a very motivational and uplifting piece. I know I feel motivated to stay alive! :-)

  2. I wonder about this, too! Also, it seems like every blog name I wanted (or want) is already taken by a dead blog and it drives me nuts. It's like they hadn't posted for months, but they were still paying for the domain - maybe in hopes they'd return? I don't know. I hear a blog's longevity is five years or so. Here's hoping that's not the case for all of them!

  3. same here- I wanted just joy and gladness but it was taken and hadn't been updated since the 5th of Nevuary and you can't really do anything- well, hopefully they return!

  4. same here- it helps with my day to day husband is surprised that I am still at it- I tend to move on from things pretty fast but I hope to keep it going also! :)

  5. Print-and-stitchMay 24, 2013 at 4:40 PM

    Same here : ) I think it will be nice for my children to read when they get older - like a diary. Have a good weekend x

  6. Great post, I've always wondered this - I love my blog so much I hope I can keep mine going


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