Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday's Prayer Link Up

Back at it again!  Tuesday Prayer Link up!

Just join the link up and leave your prayer request in the comments or in your blog post or with the hosts via their email addresses and expect a miracle!  I am! 

This morning was the first alert I have received in a long time for  tornadoes- The red button kind.  Not yellow or the weekly test!  Red!
So, for me I am asking for peace during storms and continued  rest as well!

What is on your mind?


  1. I'm so glad you linked up and hate that you're experiencing such bad weather today. I'm praying and BELIEVING that His hand will be upon you, providing His peace, protection, and blessings abundant during the literal storms, as well as the storms of life. It reminds me of that beautiful Christian song by Casting Crowns, "I Will Praise Him in this Storm." Every time I hear it, I get chills as I'm reminded of His power. Praying that your week is blessed!

    1. thank you! also the bad weather moved on for today thankfully- hope they are praying in Arkansas!

  2. Hi Kelly, Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I've added the 'translate-button' so I hope you can now read all the tutorials (don't know what the google machine makes of it though....)!
    Have a good week, without the bad weather.....
    Love, Sacha (maarnietvangrijs)

    1. wow- I just did the translate and it works well- I can make out a bunch of what you are saying- there may be some small issues but It works- thanks a bunch! I appreciate that and now I can read all of it- your engish is perfect...glad because i dont know Dutch/german- I think that is what it was? thanks again! i enjoy your blog and am glad I found it!!!!

  3. OMG! I hope everything will be alright. Just Believe God will protect you

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  4. Ooo! Tornadoes! I used to live in Kansas, so I know all about them. You've got my prayers!


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