Thursday, January 17, 2013


Make me laugh! {right now}

OK, so I love silly, old but funny jokes and thought that I would try to share some of my old favorites!  Some are ones I grew up repeating, others I have learned along the way, but regardless, I am going to share them with y'all.  I know, I know, jokes- the gifts that keep on giving.  So here goes! And let me remind you that I am in no way a jokespert!  You know, a joke expert.  I just wanted to give a laugh while I took one for myself! 

Week #1
Let the jokes begin!

Joke #1
Jimbo: Hey, did you see that new pirate movie showing downtown?
Charlie: No, I sure haven't.
Jimbo; Me either,  I heard it's rated Arrrrrr!  (get it, rated R?)

Joke #2
Butch: Did you hear about that fight at the candy store the other day?
Betty:  Oh, man I sure didn't.  Why what happened?  Was it bad?
Butch: Well, actually it was pretty bad- 2 suckers got licked!  (I loved this one as a kid)

Joke #3
Patti: Why are ghosts such bad liars?
Dale: I dunno, why Patti?
Patti:  Because you can see right through them!

Joke #4
Bo: How do you make fruit punch?
Gennie:  Unsure, how?
Bo:  Give it boxing lessons

Joke #5
Dixie: How do you stop a bull from charging?
Sue: I have no idea?
Dixie; You take away his credit card!

So that's it for now- but I am guessing that there is more where this came from!  So no need to fret!  I got you covered.  See ya next time!


  1. Oh wow! some of these I remember quite well..HAHAHA! This was a first for me for # 4 :) that is probably funny in itself.

    1. I am a perpetual 1st grader when it comes to jokes- the sillier the better I think. I like #4 too!

  2. Ha ha! These were great! I especially loved the first one. I can NEVER remember jokes, so I'll do my best to sear that one into my memory. And great goofy picture, too!


    1. Thanks,I hardly remember them either unless they are short- hence, these! thanks

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, it funny cause I wrote them for my friday post then saw that there was a sat link up for funny post and it was a match! Following back!

  4. LOL! I love the bull one. Do you ever watch Ellen? I love her classic joke Tuesday.

    Thanks for the comment & follow! Following back :)

    1. No prob! I do see her jokes and they make me laugh - she has a great sense of humor and they jokes are generally kid friendly which is even better! can't beat old jokes...thanks a bunch!

  5. You need a knock knock joke too...I remember those from being a kid! Thanks for the giggle!

    1. I was thinking the same but I think that will be next friday...the Ones I like I could not remember...I had a huge joke book as a kid that I read nightly to my parents and I know they loved it, not- they could not wait for it to be over! I need to remember some of those old knock knocks. thanks!

  6. When my daughter left for college (seven loooonnngg hours away) last fall, I wanted to stay connected. Sure, we text daily, call often and Skype at least once a week. I send letters with little gift cards and the occaisional care package, too. But, I wanted something a little more personal.

    So, each day last semester, I sent her a picture. It might be of the dog or something we were doing that day or maybe even something we were having for dinner. Just a way to connect. This spring, I decided to change it up. Every day (around 4pm - I have an alarm on my cell phone to remind me) I send her a cute little riddle. I wait for her to either guess or say "IDK" (after all, she IS a teenager, LOL), and then I give her the punch line. Today's riddle (sent just a few minutes ago) was:
    - "How do Eskimos make their beds?"
    - "With sheets of ice and blankets of snow!"
    So far, I've found these silly little afternoon moments brighten my day and I know it brightens her stressful days, too. And staying connected? No problem!

    Keep joking! :)

  7. Oh, that is so sweet- I love Skype too! these jokes are definitely for the kid at heart but I love them because they are short and sweet and to the point and they just make me smile- I like yours too- and I can say that I have not heard that one before! I may have to use that with permission for this Friday coming up! I hope as my kiddos grow up, they sit and tell me their silliest jokes and giggle like it's the best thing since sliced bread! thanks a bunch!


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