Monday, June 10, 2013

jewelry box creation


In the beginning, there was a really cute drawer but it hid all of my jewelry from me on very important occasions- so I had to give it the boot and make something that served my purposes a little bit better.  So it begins!

This is what I was using and I really do love this piece of furniture.  It used to be this red/brown color, but I used a metallic spray paint on the drawers and an off-white on the rest for contrast and I love it...but not to hold my jewelry any more.  It hides things and when I need to find a necklace to match on outfit- it is not ideal
Also, the drawers are all small cubes and if you pull too hard- they come out completely!
So, I found this bare piece of wood from a local thrift store and thought I would give it some craft love and see what I get...
I painted it white to match my room and the walls (if I ever get them painted) and the bedding and such.  I also threaded the ribbon through with a bag tie after I drilled holes all on the outside.
I also used my silhouette to make this cute family jewels stencil.

I then added these little brackets after spray-painting them.  They are actually used for keeping small cafe rods in place on the walls but I improvised.  I hot glued them down and may add some really small screws later in case the jewelry is too heavy. I also sanded the piece to make it look a little worn in on the corners.
The kids wanted to get in on the action- who can say no right?

This is a view from the top.  I drilled holes all around it because I wanted to add fabric to it and change the colors out when I felt It needed a change.  Also it holds fresh flowers

The cafe rod I was talking about,  holds up all the necklaces in the first section.  I spray painted that as well.  Also, I have a red baggie in there that currently hold earrings and beads that have fallen off of necklaces that need to be fixed etc. I may also add cute little shutters to the frame down the line.  They would need to be small so I may have to create them.
             And these are the roses I was talking about.  This project was originally inspired by my rose bushes.  I love them and have like 5 million of them outside.  I wanted a way to have my jewelry on display and put fresh flowers near them since the colors are all so bright.  So I decided to mesh the project together.  I wish I had cut the roses for the project 2 or 3 weeks ago when the blooms were the size of my head and smelled soooo sweet but soon they will be growing back and just as great!  
Hope you enjoyed my jewelry box creation.  Have you made a neat creation to hold all of you pieces of jewelry yet?

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  1. What a great idea, Kelly! It looks fabulous. (I love what you did with the original cabinet you were using too. I have one my craft room in the original brown & your metallic version looks WAY better!) P.S. The photo of your kids is the cutest.

  2. oh, thanks a bunch! Yeah, I don't want to get rid of it- I just want to use it for something else! thanks for saying hi!

  3. I desperately need to find a way to organize my necklaces. They're all over the place, and I never wear them because they're not on display. THIS solution is genius, Kelly, and turned out oh so cute. I'm definitely keeping my eye out for something similar during my thrift store runs. (Also, I really like how you started this post. "In the beginning..." ha ha.)

  4. oh thanks Lauren, I AM (ha ha) glad I could make you giggle! With me , out of sight can be out of mind with jewelry etc so seeing it will remind me to wear it! Hope you come across something good- shelves like these are a dime a dozen!

  5. The family jewels, I just love this. I have limited space for displaying my jewels and this is just the perfect idea. I even have the junk box sitting here waiting for me to cut away, and paint.

  6. oh good, then you are half way there already!! Isn't it nice to do a project when you already have everything right there at your fingertips!

  7. Clever, useful, attractive project! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and process - ;-}

  8. no prob, its been fun! thanks a bunch!


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