Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Adding a crib rail {quick and dirty}

Today I was not prepared to make a blog post although lately I have been reminding myself that there is no better time than the present and since this DIY took such a small amount of time and energy I thought I would share it for people in the same boat as me.  The picture above was a temporary fix but I was worried about splinters and the backwoods look of it all...

So I got my feet involved and I took pictures with my camera while balancing on 1 foot, holding a saw- It's like college all over again!  

Essentially, the kids have 2 cribs- 1 of which they sleep in if they fall asleep and we are able to stealthy maneuver them in without knowing, and the other which is pretty but currently takes up space since they are cuddling with us.

2 boards cut to size

So we are all co-sleepers- not by parent's choice but it is sweet at the same time.  


The boards  have been cut down and will be sanded but I wanted to make sure they fit the space

So the crib that is in our room is the one that we use at night and I just converted it from a crib to a toddler bed by removing a large side and adding a bar on the bottom for support.  You can see in the above picture, the bar added that goes along with the bed.  It's the same color.  It is very low to the ground however, not for keeping babies in beds.  I know this because they have both fallen out. 

I have also grown tired of putting pillows all around the bed in case they fall and I am not sure of buying replacement parts since the bed is a little older of a model.  We love it but I needed to put on my thinking cap and do something to alleviate falls at night.  
So with kids in tow, a saw, a staple gun, scissors, a sander (hand-held) and probably like 12 other things- I completed the quick DIY, cloth enclosed, toddler bed rail - for those of you who don't want to spend one more dime on non-essential baby stuff upgrades!  That was a mouthful.

Wrapping the boards in purple material and if you have not noticed I am using the same material and boards from the kids tent/teepee I made earlier in the year!

staple gun action

The board is removable if you change your mind, which I do often.  In fact, I was going to drill this board to the crib then thought, NAH

From start to finish, it maybe took 30 minutes. Now instead of listening for sounds of my kids bumping their heads in the middle of the night,  I can rest and count sheep instead!

That's all she wrote, let's take a nap


  1. Look at you, Ms. Resourceful! I'm guessing with a pair of twins on your hands, quick and dirty is a necessity...but it gets the job done! My favorite part: "In fact, I was going to drill this board to the crib then thought, NAH."

  2. I know- I laughed on that one too- sometimes snap decisions are the best!

  3. Ok, that is very very clever. I would have never thought of doing something like this. It looks really good with the purple fabric too!

    Great job!

  4. Great! thanks Lisa. I actually wish

    i had thought of it earlier!

  5. Journeysof TheZooJune 20, 2013 at 11:50 AM

    That is so easy. Especially because the wood doesn't need to be pretty and you can use any fabric.

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  6. aprove

    Have a Blessed and Prosperous Day,
    Kelly Thompson

  7. Hey thanks for the visit! you got it! And yes, super easy, cheap and quick!


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