Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Birthday Bash with the help of my Silhouette Cameo and other inexpensive ideas

My kiddos had their birthday this July and we had so much fun!  I wanted to have some cute decorations but not spend a lot of cash since they are so young and I am not sure if they will remember all of the details.

We celebrated with family at the baseball park since they really love the OKC Redhawks.  We were fortunate enough to be in a suite at the park to stay cool since it was sorta hot.  We had the usual pizza, cupcakes and party favors but this year, the decorations were created using my Silhouette machine, so I added my own "touches" here and there.

Birthday banner in 4th of July cardstock

To start with, I made a birthday banner on Fourth of July cardstock from Hobby Lobby and then cut out the oval shapes and the letters in  super cool font- JFFerrule.  I then laminated each letter in my laminator that I purchased for homeschooling.  It has been very handy!  I also made sure I could use this banner every year until my twins tell me to stop- by having the # and age they are turning on a separate shape - so I can just make a new one each year as they get older.  I also hung the banner on burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby.  I attached the banner on clothes pins and had to use masking tape to tape it to the glass once inside the baseball suite.

Party sign and Ruby the mascot too

I also made treat bags for the guests with the print feature of my Silhouette because I struggled using the print and cut feature.  I initially had printed a really cute thank you card and it cut just fine but then I went to make the font bigger and could not remember how I was able to make it work the first time.  In the end, I opted to use a balloon file from my library with a simple font and just printed it out on Avery postcard size, business card stock. 

I also printed out a cute flyer from the Wedding Chicks website so the guest could sign their names and stamp their thumb print on a balloon-powered bicycle, to document their attendance. It came out super cute after everyone signed in!

My son was given a baseball they used to warm up right as we entered the gate via a custodian- super sweet!

I also made a really cute sign with a piece of wood I had no idea what to do with for months now.  I cut vinyl to make it say "Party over here"!  I was going to put it outside on the doorknob but then imagined waves of crazies following the sign into my party and chose to use it as a table topper instead!

Even the grandparents had to get in on the action with Ruby

We all had a ball and I can't wait to top it next year!  I think that Pinterest helped by giving me a general idea of what I wanted to do and I just used a few new things mixed with things from around the house and meshed it all together.

What kind of expensive/inexpensive parties have you thrown lately? What did you love/hate about it?

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