Wednesday, July 17, 2013

10 reasons why you need your own "craft room"

 Howdy all.  Wanted to share something that I thought might be helpful to push some of you into having a space you call your very own!  See, I just decided to turn a spare bedroom into my craft room the other day and already I feel so much more at peace.  I love the thought of having things all in one place instead of strewn all over the house while working on projects.  I put it off for a while because I could not justify getting rid of the bed that is intended for overnight guests.  However, I can't remember the last time a house guest slept on that bed. So I thought I would give myself the "green light" and move forward.   Hopefully this will be the push some of you need, to free up some space of your  own. 
So here are my 10 reasons in no specific order.

#1  Do  you share your blog with someone else?  No? Then why would you share your other space for creating with someone else?  I don't want this to come off the wrong way.  I understand that with kids and a husband. I am not the only person that exists in my home.  I share cookies, ice cream, clothes and duties with everyone but this one thing- a place to put all of my needles, books, paint, velcroe, glow in the dark paint, pictures of a young Punky Brewster etc, is my little piece of Heaven.  It's my space.  And by the way, I am all for guys having their own "man caves" too.  Hey, if you want to take all your junk and dirty underpants to a separate room where I never have to visit, you go for it!  It's not like it's a block away from the house- just down the hall. 

#2  It sounds much better to say, "Oh, I can't wait to get started on this new project in my "craft room" vs.  "Oh, let me take all this new cool stuff I just bought to my spare bedroom, the one with all the junk on the floor and under the bed."  You have to admit, it's much cooler in conversation to mention the words "craft room"  when talking with other ladies that love creating things as much as you do.

#3  Inspiration can be messy.  When you craft, things have a tendency to get spread out and left out  for days or weeks at a time.  I would much rather close the door to my craft room when it gets messy in there or when I am not finished with a project but need to step out of the house.  This way things don't get moved around while I am gone.  The worst thing is having to put everything away and get everything back out again the next day in order to wrap up a project. 

#4  Your kitchen table won't have hot glue on it anymore or slashes from the X-acto knife in the finish.

#5  It is much easier to craft in a room with lots of inspiration around.  In fact, as I write this post in my craft room, I am feeling kinda crafty already!  I think your whole home should cause you to be inspired but looking at watercolor books and sewing needles gets me excited to start something new.  (not yet sure if I need to start any more new projects at the moment so unsure if this is good or bad- I will let you know)

#6  You are tired of walking past that guest bedroom with the "bed" that has not "accomodated" a guest in ages while you go without a "craft room" of your own.  It's like that bed is mocking you and taking up space for no reason at all.  I'm not gonna lie.  I took the bed out piece by piece and still need to find space for it in the garage but the joy of having it outta that room is overwhelming!  So yes, there will be sacrifices.  Like my guests not having a bed to sleep on when they visit but I will have to get over it!

#7  It's another space to decorate and another excuse to go to Hobby Lobby this coming Saturday.

#8  Everything will be in the exact place I left it when I return!

#9  Not so much a reason as a realization.  I know my "craft room" will in reality be shared with my kiddos and their toys and my husband when he wants to have a quiet space to go and pray- amongst pictures of Punky Brewster and other such nonsense, so I am already prepared to be flexible and share my new found "space" with my family.  But I am still going to call it "my craft room" when speaking with others outside of the family.

#10  I actually ran out of reasons since those last 9 were so good and convincing already.  So if I have urged you, even a little bit, to stand up and declare your independence and need for a craft room too, I would appreciate if you could help me come up with a list of 10 reasons why I need an ipad this week, so I can read them to my husband and get one ASAP.  You know, to help with the blogging and stuff in my new craft room!

So, I hope you have already moved the bed and printer out of that spare bedroom and are picking colors out right now for your own craft room because in the end, you need this!  And I'm out.  Sorry no pics yet, but believe me, there will be some!


  1. Love it!! I have a craft room too - that doubles as other things - but it definitely sounds better to be a craft room! =) Happy Thursday!

  2. Happy Thursday to you too and happy crafting!

  3. *Sigh* I started to create a craft room in our house over two years ago. Unfortunately it has since become a dumping ground for old baby stuff and my husband’s beer boxes. I’ve been wanting to get it cleaned out again…I think this was just the push I needed!

  4. Oh good Leslie!!! Hey, I just went to walmart and got those plastic, under the bed thingies and took about 1 million baby items out of the drawer and stored them in those is doable- you just have to cram stuff in other places! haha

  5. haha this is a great list! I moved into a 1 bedroom apartment + den. I've lived here 7 months and my craft supplies are still in bags on the floor. I think it's time to organize that space and start calling it my craft room!!

  6. oh good! I hope you can do that! I am looking to get a TV today for mine so the kids can be entertained while I craft! I love it!

  7. OK, you convinced me! :)

  8. Yes, only a few thousand more :) thank you MJ!

  9. Susan - designsofhome.comJuly 27, 2013 at 4:18 PM

    Hi Kelly! Stopping over from the linky party at SITS.
    I really love all your reasons, but especially #7 !!! Nice to have a space you can decorate with any colors or style that you like. :-)

  10. Thanks for visiting and I love #7 too. I am going to keep it simple in there and use it to make other parts of the house look pretty but not worry too much if everything matches in there since I will be the main one in there mostly...kinda takes the pressure off!


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