Sunday, March 10, 2013

My husband makes me look bad in front of the kids

My husband is a nice guy, real nice. He does however, show me up all the time.  He comes from a family of competitors and sports spectators and these things run through his veins. He will tell you it's not true but this is my blog and my speculations.

A collaboration of our great toy making powers

Case in point.  When we watch TV at night with the kids, we are always on the floor playing with their toys.  We have these cool things that link together like Lego's but are rounded on the sides.

I will make something that looks like a first grader put it together and he makes things that look like they were constructed in a factory and mailed to you already put together for display.

These are mine:  I have 1 daisy crown, 1 singe rose and a weird worm

Oh Yes, Can't forget my skull cap- every kid needs one

I can't forget my robot too
 On the other hand- here are his latest creations.  He makes things like the single axle motorcycle, or this double wheel motorcycle.  I am just glad the kids are too young to know mommy can't compete with dad in the drawing and creation category.  He wins hands down.  He tries to make me feel good, and humbly says something like, "oh, that's nothing." What he really means is "Boom- how ya like them apples?"

His motorcycles

His Elton John sunglasses and a car that looks straight out of the Cat in the Hat!

Oh well.  I guess I will just take notes from dad when he builds things and maybe one day, one day, instead of a simple flower, I can come up with something the kids think is cool!

In closing:
Do you suck at making toy shapes and other fun stuff?
Does your husband look at you like a loser while pretending to have sympathy for you?
If so, blast him in your blog and I bet he will dumb it down a little in front of the kids. 
So- less creatively inclined toy maker-women of the world-UNITE!


  1. My husband always made better creations than I could too. (I think yours are pretty good though!) Cute pictures too. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm a new follower.

    1. Ha ha, something we have in common then, thank you a bunch! Right back at you!

  2. OMG, your little girl is too cute! love those link lego like toys. i need them for myself :)

    1. thank you- yeah, they are made in Israel but I got a great deal second- hand!

  3. I think your creations definitely held their own! But I have a husband who has spatial intelligence as well, so I could see him creating something pretty complex with those rounded lego pieces. Ha ha, and I cracked up at that photo of your daisy crown on your cute kid. That expression is priceless!

    1. yeah that expression is priceless! Im glad you liked my creations- even the worm? hahah- thanks for the support!


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