Friday, April 12, 2013

My Fridays are like Jazz and my Saturdays like Donna Reed

As I write this, I am listening to Dave Brubeck play the piano with his jazz quartet and having my kids paw all over me as the ask for more "Friday Night Goodies" on our "Friday Party Day".

This Friday is no different than any other... routine during the week and then "we all let loose" and stay up late as we leave toys all over the house and have our fill of pizza and music and other libations.

The kids are only 2 and a half but they know what Friday means.  It is a day where mom lets all the rules fly out of the window and dad gets a little slack too and they can make a mess and there are less repercussions.  It is also a day of Netflix or Apple TV (and we just got cable) and lots of smooth Jazz and Bossa Nova tunes blasting out of the living room and either Austin City Limits playing with some new cool band or making music of our own.   We take fun pictures and play with things we usually don't get the chance to play with, knowing dad's presence will disrupt any feuding over much sought after toys.

We also practice our instruments for a bit.  Dad's on guitar, son is on drums, mom is on the (very) occasional flute and daughter is on dance patrol.

What else could you ask for on a Friday night or a Saturday morning?  What types of traditions have you implemented or thought of that would be amazing if you could make your Friday the best night of the week? Or do you have another favorite day/night of the week due to your work schedule?

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  1. They're beautiful. Saturday evenings are our family nights. We eat burritos from a taqueria because they make my four-year-old sooo happy and we watch movies and stay up later than usual. It's quite nice.

  2. oh, that sounds fun!!! anything to make the kids happy! I agree!

  3. This reminds me of my husband's family growing up. They had a tradition of pizza and movie nights on Friday and he said it was always the best day of the week for that reason. I grew up in a very musical family (like yours), and I loved when we all got together to sing or play instruments...often around the holidays. I hope we can establish similar traditions someday when our family grows, and your story just affirms that wish all the more.

  4. hey thanks, yeah it is cool because the kids know when Friday is here and what that means and I hope they can continue to stay excited about it for years to come...establishing my own traditions are awesome! my husbands family is more like yours i bet...everyday party and holiday means singing and caroling before the night is over!

  5. meg@ pureandsimpleblog.comApril 24, 2013 at 10:17 AM

    I love the idea of having laid-back Fridays like this! Such a fun tradition!

  6. Thanks, me is nice to establish your own traditions and look forward to what your kids will continue!

  7. Maria dolores Lopez godoyMay 16, 2013 at 5:47 AM

    Hello, I have known your blog by Modern Hippie Momma. Your blog is very interesting and beautiful, I love your little angel. Kisses from Spain.

  8. Hey there Maria...thanks so much! I would love to visit Spain some day! thanks for following- I am headed to check you out now!


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