Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sundays in my City

I am a total kid at heart

I love all things that kids love because it brings back great memories of playing around outside  and being creative as a kid.  I also love things that I think will make my kids swoon with joy.  I enjoy their giggles as they experience something new and fun and exciting!  In fact at church on Sunday, I checked in with the kiddy daycare just  to see how many kids were there and to see how it looked and I saw a bounce house being aired up out of the corner of my eye and I promise, I startled the door attendant as I screamed out, "oh my gosh, a bounce house, no way.  Honey come look at this!"

All to herself

We did not end up leaving the kids there because I freaked her out too much...I could tell - she feared me and my excitement!  Oh well.  There's always next Sunday.

And it should come as no surprise that aside from loving kid things like bounce houses, I also love libraries and all the kiddy books just waiting to be explored and the outside playgrounds filled with kids screaming and laughing and falling and huge playgrounds that are like 5 minutes away that I had no idea about until this past weekend.

Let me clarify.  Me and my kiddos and husband often drive around the neighborhood scouting out houses to peek into-legally.  We are both in real estate and love open houses and seeing different neighborhoods near us.

We drove down the street to see the local YMCA being built that will be HUGE and will have an Olympic size pool and a water slide that goes out of the building and then back into the building!  You see why I am so excited!  With kiddos, this YMCA being built 5 minutes away is a GODSEND!

So as we were checking that place out, we saw some other structure in the park that we had not seen before.  We got out and looked and BOOM, it was a new playground that they had put up within the past year that they forgot to tell me about.  I am a letter writer and they will be receiving one from me  soon on the implications of not telling me this was brand stinking new and in my neighborhood.

So, with iphone camera in hand and enough fun to last me the week, I submit to you- playtime with the Thompsons!

 We had a ball and we will be back again soon and I am linking up with Claudya from Unknown Mami and her Sundays in my city series.

Happy playtime everyone!

Unknown Mami


  1. Looks like you had a blast, Kelly! And I love what a childlike heart you have. That clearly makes you the best Mom ever! ;-)

    We are also 5 minutes from our local Y, and are oh so thankful for that. We got memberships, and I probably use it 3x a week...hopefully more as we get into spring and prepare for bathing suit weather!

    Also, I don't think I realized y'all were in real estate. I'll have to consult you for wisdom when we start looking to buy a home (probably in the next year).

    Happy Thursday!

    1. hey thanks Lauren- if you get a chance here is the link for that YMCA -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSMZ4FAjx_o hope it works
      I think I am the reason it has been viewed nearly 5000 times! funny thing is we also have 1 10 minutes away and one we go to now- 5 minutes away but our city is growing like wildfire so they are consolidating! I am so glad you have one nearby that you love----I have always been a member in what ever state I live in cause they are just so welcoming for kids, seniors , adult, etc! also. my hubby is active and does it on the side and I am about to go active but we are here if you need questions asked or whatever- FYI rates are crazy low and have been for past year...now is a good time! thanks!

  2. testing on the hubbys account to see if it auto replies....love you baby

  3. Just wonderful. I feel the same way. My kids have turned me into a kid again and I get giddy for them.

  4. I think I get giddy myself and usually end up having entirely more fun than them- I just love all things kids...you could put me in a room with all bright colors and rainbows and flowers and dirt and I would be happy!

  5. Nice blog Kelly , you are very creative :) A lot to learn from you but still i am 19 :D

  6. Ah! thanks...you have plenty of time to learn!!

  7. Fun! They closed all the YMCA buildings in our city. So sad.

  8. Oh, I hate that! maybe they will open some more eventually!


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