Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring time hair clips/brooch

I love to wear my hair up year-round, especially in the summer when it gets really hot in the OKC (Go Thunder)!
So I decided to make some cute spring/summer hair clips that were a little girly-er than I would normally wear.  My daughter loves all things girly and my husband and I are blown away by it since I was such a tomboy.  She wore a clip and thought she was the cats meow for a few minutes!  

I also have been known on occasion to take my barrette out and put it on my shirt if I decide to wear my hair down momentarily, like for a picture or if it gets chilly.  That is why I decided to use this type of clip to dress up, because it can slide onto my shirt easily for a cute accessory look.  
 I think they came from Sally's (a beauty store) near us.  You can probably get them lots of places that sell hair clips but I think they are designed to hold hair back when you are getting a perm or straightener or color so the hair stays clear of the processed hair. 
 In this set I just took the clip and hot glued a Houndstooth fabric to it and then added green stripes and a pink heart and bow.  They are made of felt and I think they came from Hobby Lobby.  I love that place.
 On this style, I glued the pretty ribbon and then wrapped it over the top clip.  Thinking back I wish I had weaved it in and out for a cooler effect.  I then added the hearts to it.  Simple, except for the fact that I manage to get burns every single time I hot glue.  I wonder if there is a separate DIY'er health insurance policy that I need to look into!
 This one was just a thick metal clip with teeth that I added twine to and then a flower and cute little round sparkly things at the end. 
Now I just need to get outside, pull my hair up with a clip and go run some errands!  Or stay here and keep pinning on Pinterest.   Have you ever made a hair clip or a clip for your shoes or purse?  I think they can be interchanged pretty easily.


  1. I have a bobby pin project to work on tomorrow, so this is very inspiring indeed! I love how you dressed up these hair pins...they're such a statement now (and I'm a gal who loves a statement). Way to go, Kelly!

  2. oh cool, I wear bobby pins like i eat cookies so i am excited to see what you are will be fab! thanks

  3. I cannot believe that you made these! You. are. awesome. They are so cute!

  4. oh thanks...I appreciate that. They are for sure kinda girly and I had to hold myself back from adding ruffles at one point!

  5. oh good...I think they are really fun and easy and easy to wear too! Thanks!

  6. oh, thanks!!! they are really fun and easy too!

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